Motion Sensor

Xiaomi Motion Sensor

A motion sensor that works with the Xiaomi Gateway.

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

A sensor that detects motion in addition to temperature.

Aeotec Multisensor 6

6-in-1 motion sensor. Supports temperature, humidity, light, UV, and vibration sensing.

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi Sensor, Temperature - Humidity - Light

Inexpensive 4 in 1 sensor, works well with ZWave integration.

Ecolink Z-wave Plus Motion Detector

A Z-wave motion detector(PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO).

GE Z-Wave Plus Lighting Control w/Motion & Dimmer, In-Wall, Occupancy Vacancy Sensor (26933)

Wirelessly trigger scenes and send alerts when motion detection has turned lights on or off. Remotely monitor with any mobile device.

Phillips Hue Motion Sensor

Trigers your Philips Hue lights when motion is detected.

GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector - WAPIRZ-1

A wireless indoor security device designed to sense and report motion activity and transmit alert signals via a Z-Wave network. Also includes a temperature sensor.

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO

Mounts to a door or window, detects when it is opened or closed, and sends a Z-Wave trigger signal to the network.

Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor - FGMS-001

World’s smallest z-wave Multi-sensor detects motion, temperature, light and vibrations due to built-in accelerometer.